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Frequently Asked

Will Coaching help with Mental Illnesses?

One of the most common misconceptions about Life Coaching is that it is therapy in disguise however we are not trained or licensed to handle this. We recommend you speak with a doctor or another type of professional that specializes in mental illness.

Will you physically help me with my workouts

Trainers are different from coaches. Trainers work with you to make sure you are executing exercises properly. 
Coaching will provide you the workout routines to achieve your desired goals, however we will not be physically present, and cannot legally provide any training advice.

what options do i have for coaching?

Currently we have two coaching options available; Elite Mindset & Business LEVEL UP. 
Elite Mindset is designed and customized to your specific goals. It will help you overcome mental roadblocks to become a better version of yourself. This includes nutrition coaching, fitness coaching & mindset coaching.
Business LEVEL UP includes Elite Mindset and is designed to help Business’s elevate to new levels. We focus on solving issues you are struggling with, as well as providing a customized blueprint to help build up your social media and online website to drive more revenue to your business.

How do i sign up?

You can sign up for Elite Mindset here:

You can sign up for Business LEVEL UP here:

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